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Not. One. Hoof.

By Jessica Jecker

In the book of Exodus, after many plagues had befallen the land of Egypt, Pharaoh calls Moses before him and tells him that the Hebrew people can leave Egypt but there is one stipulation, the livestock must remain. Moses, understanding that the Hebrew people would need their livestock for burnt offerings to God, tells Pharaoh their livestock must go with them, that not even one hoof should remain in Egypt.

It would have been easy for Moses to agree to Pharaoh’s terms, after all, his people would finally be free. But Moses understood that even one thing left in Egypt would be a stronghold for his enemy. Moses wasn’t willing to leave even one thing behind, he wasn’t willing to concede even a little. Not one thing should remain in the enemies camp. Not even one hoof should remain in Egypt.

Compromise, even in the smallest degree will allow Pharaoh to continue to bind you. You can march out of Egypt, shouting and clapping your hands, but if you have compromise in your life, you will still belong to Egypt. It’s the small foxes that spoil the vine, it’s the small compromises that spoil the victory. Leave not one hoof in Egypt.

One door left open will allow the enemy full access. He is waiting, he is watching, he is calling you back to Egypt. That door left standing open will slam the shackles of bondage over you again. You cannot allow one point of entry to the enemy. You cannot allow any door from the past to be ajar. Leave not one hoof in Egypt.

Free men don’t wear chains. If you have walked out Egypt you can’t allow Pharaoh to continue to rule over you. You don’t belong to him anymore. You have to drop the slave mindset. Continuing to allow Egypt to define you will keep you bound. Leave not one hoof in Egypt.

When you come out Egypt, take everything with you. Shut every door, shake off every chain, pack up all your things and march out completely free. Whatever you allow to remain in Egypt will be a stronghold for your enemy. Everything must be laid on the altar before your God. The enemy will try to get to leave just one thing… just one little compromise… leave just one door open… Leave not one hoof in Egypt.

About this Writer/Blogger:

Hello and welcome to “Simply Jecker” my name is Jessica! You know that saying “a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of Jesus,” yeah that pretty much sums up who I am. My life is full of chaos, love, noise and Jesus. I am a wife to a fiery evangelist and a mom to three wild Jecker boys and one feisty Jecker girl (which is why I need alllll the coffee). I homeschool my kids and am a stay at home wife. My husband is a bricklaying instructor by day and evangelist by night. My boys are full energy, big personalities and about as different from each other as can be. My daughter is only a few months old but already rules the roost. She is a redhead and so far is living up to the stereotypical red headed temperament (pray for me). This blog is dedicated to all things motherhood and ministry. Won’t you join me as I navigate the waters of Motherhood and as my husband and I pursue the call of God on our lives?


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